The students of the Liceo Cassini ready for Challenge Sanremo experience

Also for the 2023 edition, the concrete and effective collaboration between Challenge Sanremo and Liceo Gian Domenico Cassini of Sanremo has led to the development of a profitable synergy on the occasion of the international triathlon event on 23-24 September. The students of the fourth and fifth classes will have the opportunity to carry out an interesting and educational adventure among the staff of the Challenge Sanremo, carrying out various tasks as volunteers: this important experience is supported with great enthusiasm by the Management and the Department of Sports Sciences, who have accepted the request of the Riviera Triathlon 1992 sports club, confirming the availability of many kids, ready to live a new experience during the rich sports weekend at the end of September.

For this reason, we once again thank professors Daniela Cenzon and Stefano Bonello, who are extremely sensitive to this initiative linked to the Sanremo Challenge, and we hope that other schools can join the initiative.