Challenge Sanremo Swimrun: what’s new for the 2024 edition

Six months before the start of the third edition of the Challenge Sanremo Swimrun – Memorial Alessio Bianchi, the organizing committee has defined the race routes.

On 21 September 2024, participants will be able to choose between two races: the Medium, which includes a total of 19.2 km (run 15.7 km, swim 3.5 km) and the Short of 10.3 km (run 8.2 km, swimming 2.1 km).

The longest course includes seven running segments (3.4 km the longest section) and 6 swimming segments (700 meters the longest sections) while the short race will be divided into 5 running segments (max 2.8 km ) and 4 swimming (max 550 metres).

With the 2024 edition, the Challenge Sanremo Swimrun becomes part of the 9th Italian Swimrun Series. Furthermore, the middle distance race will assign 6 qualification slots for the Aquaticrunners 2025 in Lignano Sabbiadoro – Grado.