Competing at CHALLENGE SANREMO is subject to licensing.

The participant has to be registered with the National Federation of his native country as an athlete.

The license has to be:

  • specific for the triathlon
  • valid for the day of the race
  • charged at the end of the race registration process

If you’re not licensed with the National Triathlon Federation of your native country, you’ll have to acquire a daily license during the registration process.
To complete the registration and obtain the daily membership, it’s mandatory to present:

1. If you’re an Italian athlete:

    • a valid medical certificate:
      • Competitive Sport Certificate specific to the triathlon in case of the Italian athlete is older than 12 years
      • Non-competitive athletic certificate in case oft he Italian athlete is younger than 12 years
    • the form for the daily license

2. If you’re a foreign athlete: