Regulation “Giveaway Challenge Sanremo 2024”


The “Giveaway Challenge Sanremo 2024” aims to promote the Challenge Sanremo event and engage all athletes participating in the upcoming middle-distance race on September 22, 2024.

All adult individuals who will take part in the “Challenge Sanremo 2024” scheduled event are eligible to participate in the Contest, with the exception of the athletes in the Pro/Elite category.


Participating in the Contest is open until September 22, 2024.


Periodic update of the online contest:

  • June 30, 2024 – First partial ranking online
  • July 30, 2024 – Second partial ranking online
  • August 30, 2024 – Third partial ranking online
  • September 15, 2024 – Final ranking online (end of the race on the Rouvy platform)
  • Participation in the “Challenge Sanremo 2024” event on September 22, 2024 – followed by the final ranking


To participate in the contest:


At the end of the online contest period, the overall ranking will be compiled by summing the times of the reference virtual race with those obtained in the cycling section of the Challenge Sanremo 2024


Note: online times recorded on the Rouvy portal before the start of the contest are also valid, provided the Nickname is communicated via Direct Instagram message.


The resulting ranking will determine the podium for the contest.


Prizes, respectively for each category (Men – Women):

  • 1st place overall (“Online contest” + “Challenge Sanremo 2024”):
    • 1 free entry to the “Challenge Roth 2025”
  • 2nd place overall (“Online contest” + “Challenge Sanremo 2024”):
    • 1 free entry to the “Challenge Gdansk 2025”
  • 3rd place overall (“Online contest” + “Challenge Sanremo 2024”):
    • 1 annual subscription (12 months) to the Rouvy portal


The winner cannot contest the awarded prize, nor request its cash value or exchange/substitution for any reason. However, the Promoter, if unable to deliver the awarded prize due to unforeseen impossibilities and/or reason attributable to them, reserves the right to replace the announced prize with another of similar or higher value.


Should it be found that winners have used fraudulent means and tools or violated the normal conduct of the contest, they will lose their right to the prize. In such cases, the Promoter reserves the right to proceed in the manner deemed most appropriate, in compliance with current laws, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at directly or indirectly defrauding and/or circumventing the system and mechanics of the contest.


Sanremo, 11/06/2024                                                       CHALLENGE SANREMO