Confirmed dates and program of the Challenge Sanremo 2022

Here is the awaited news: the dates and program of the Challenge Sanremo 2022 remains unchanged.

Following the sudden call for the political elections on Sunday 25 September, the Organizing Committee promptly set in motion to ensure that all services, safety and the smooth execution of the competitions in Sanremo and in all the municipalities and territories crossed were guaranteed. The answer has finally arrived: the main race on medium distance will take place, as planned, on Sunday 25 September, while on Saturday 24 there will be the sprint and yooth triathlon competitions. The the weekend will open on Friday 23 September with the Swimrun.

Below, Daniele Moraglia, President of the Organizing Committee of Challenge Sanremo, tells, in the utmost transparency, what he has faced together with all his staff in the hectic weeks that led to this positive news.

“Being a sports event organizer is one of the hardest jobs in the world. So much depends on you, but not everything. And this “not all” is not in your control. For example, think about how influential the weather is for outdoor sports. Or imagine that on 21 July, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi suddenly resigns and the elections are set for 25 September, exactly on that 25 September, in the weekend when the first edition of the Challenge Sanremo should end with the main and awaited race, the one on medium distance. Panic: will we have all the necessary permits or not? I personally start to call the Mayor of the Municipality of Sanremo who promptly reassures me and, together with the Tourism Councilor, reach out, on our behalf, with our requests to the Police Headquarters. Then I sit down with the Chief of the Municipal Police who, together with one of the two Deputy Chief, tells me in a very straight way: ‘Well, Serie A (Italian football league) does not stop, so why we should¨ Then begins the round of communications to the Mayors of the Municipalities affected by the race course and everyone is willing to confirm the event because it is beautiful, because it is important, because many Pro athletes will fight to write their name in the Winners´ book for the first time of Challenge Sanremo, to gain the qualification for The Championship (the world finals of the Challenge Family circuit) as well as many Age Group fans, of which many foreigners, who have signed up for the event well in advance and have already booked a long stay in the Province of Imperia. Because, objectively, we cannot miss this opportunity. Cancel or postpone, except in extreme cases, is not part of my vocabulary: in addition to this concept, I share with all my staff the utmost respect for every member of our events, for those who have been working in the race for a long time, for those who have believed and supporting us from the first minute, for all those commercial and entrepreneurial realities that work and network with us to promote a positive economic impact on the city and on the whole territory. Thanks to all those who will make all this possible, starting from the Institutions, up to every thinnest gear of this exciting machine called Challenge Sanremo”.