The Trofeo Rambaldi and the Memorial Gavino will be awarded at the Sanremo Challenge

On the occasion of the sprint and the medium distances of the Challenge Sanremo on September 24-25, two special prizes will be awarded: the Memorial Marco Gavino and the Trofeo Daniele Rambaldi.

The fastest runners on middle distance race male/ female (Pro athletes are excluded) will receive the award named after Marco Gavino, a young policeman who died during a humanitarian mission in Kosovo, a great friend of all of us and a person of great qualities. The decision to donate the Trophy to the best runner stems from Marco’s past as an athlete, which made him a valid and passionate runner.

The Trofeo Daniele Rambaldi will be awarded to the best male and female athletes Under 23 who will cross the finish line of the Sprint Triathlon. Rambaldi has left an unbridgeable void in the life of those who have known him even for just a few minutes. Availability, ¨joie de vivre¨, kindness, simplicity, sympathy, passion for sport, sincerity, loyalty are just some of the distinctive characteristics of the ¨Rambo¨ Danielone who since 1992 has been the soul and engine of the 1992 Riviera Triathlon. The Trofeo dedicated to emerging athletes was established precisely to underline his natural predisposition to work with young people.